Often used in cosmetics to adjust pH. TEA cause allergic reactions, including eye problems, dry hair and skin, and can be toxic if absorbed into the body over a long period of time.

          A chemical used in conditioners, to detangle hair and in skin creams. It cause allergic reactions. The chloride of Stearalkonium was developed by the textile industry as a softening agent. It is much cheaper and easier to include in hair conditioners than plant proteins or extracts, which are healthier for the hair. Very toxic.

          Detergent used as a moisturizer in floor cleaning products, found in engines and in Agent Orange. However, their low coast makes them present in the majority of shampoos and cosmetic foaming products. Several studies have underlined the harmful effects of their use: urinary infections, kidney and bladder infections, fertility problems, irritation to the eyes, skin and scalp, allergic reactions, lesions of the scalp and hair loss. Certain studies have asserted that SLS and SLES are carcinogenic.